Andy Aledort is widely known for his transcriptions, instructional columns and DVDs and has also toured throughout the last two decades with Dickey Betts and the Jimi Hendrix Tribute.

Andy’s latest album is In A Dream, featuring five originals and covers of Jimi Hendrix’s “Pali Gap,” Cream’s “Lawdy Mama” and Albert King’s ‘Can’t You See What You’re Doing To Me.” The album has garnered incredible reviews from today’s most respected players: Warren Haynes says,

Andy’s playing his ass off as always and the guitar sounds are great. I love the harmonized slide guitars on ‘Hymn,’ and I’m digging the jazzier tunes too. And on ‘Moonwaves,’ he’s mixing Hendrix and Zappa vibes. I dig it!” Joe Satriani state, “Nice playing all over this album!  ‘Pali Gap’ sounds killer and ‘Moonwaves’ is awesome! And Steve Vai adds, “‘In A Dream’ reveals Andy’s authentic love of blues and it shines through in the atmosphere he created. He is burning an old torch in a new way and it works. It’s great to have a record like this that captures that authenticity.” In A Dream is available from Long Song Records.

Aledort’s previous album, 2022’s double album, Light Of Love, features 17 originals plus a cover of the Muddy Waters classic, “You Shook Me.” The album includes the track, “Have Mercy On Me,” recorded with Stevie Ray Vaughan’s legendary rhythm section Double Trouble, featuring Tommy Shannon on bass and Chris Layton on drums.

He is also co-author of the New York Times Best Selling biography, Texas Flood: The Inside Story of Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Light Of Love has received rave reviews everywhere and resides in the Top 200 on many worldwide Indie charts. To order a personalized CD, send $25 ($20+$5 postage) to


Colin James of “This is some incredible listening if you love a little bit of blues, country, rock, and folk music mixed into one excellent blended cocktail, and while intoxicating to the ears on the strength of its surface-level aesthetics alone, the substance to the lyrics and the narrative they form is undisputedly just as bewitching. If you haven’t heard this player’s music before now, and if you dig the meticulous and the melodic in Americana, I recommend giving ‘Out for a Ride’ a listen the next time you’re browsing for something fresh and pastoral on the left side of the dial.” 

Garth Thomas of Hollywood Digest: “Andy Aledort is a straight-shooting singer/songwriter who hasn’t got time for figuring out who he might be – he already knows who he is today, and his confidence in this identity is what’s leading him to sound as beastly as he does in this single.

Clay Burton of Independent Music and Arts Inc.: “You can hear the influences this musician has appreciated throughout his life in “Out for a Ride;” Hendrix, the Allman Brothers, even a touch of SRV, it’s all compounding together for what could be the most cohesive and straightforward blues-country crossovers I’ve listened to from an independent artist in years.”

Mark Druery of Indieshark: “This material blends the best of what the blues and country genres have to offer when they’re being presented without any of the fluff that mainstream artists tend to add just for the sake of sounding radio-friendly; ironically enough, I think “Out for a Ride” is already set to warm up the alternative FM scene as-is. Aledort is giving us a lot of heart at the microphone, but it’s the ebbtide of the instruments that shapes the moodiness and the aesthetical appeal of this single, which makes it a decent listen for fans of both the hard charged blues of the American south and the country tones of a more western region, meeting under the umbrella of rebellious folk-rock right in the middle.”

Chadwick Easton of Melody Maker: “If this is the par for Andy Aledort’s output at this stage of his long and storied career in the music business, to say that he’s nearing retirement would be an outright insult – to me, he’s just getting started. “Out for a Ride” sees him bringing all of the magic he’s shared with legends of the rock genre into a new fold of material that has the potential to get a lot of young listeners turned on by the blues structure once heavily relied on by rockers and country singers the same, and for my needs, it’s just the shot of Americana I was hoping to get.”








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