“Simply a phenomenal player”—Joe Perry, Aerosmith

“One of my favorite guitar players for many years”—Joe Satriani

“What a soulful player—Andy knows this music inside and out”—John Scofield

“When Andy plays, his love and sincerity for the blues is moving, authentic and rich”—Steve Vai

“Taste, tone chops—Andy’s got it all!” —Warren Haynes

“Andy’s playing is really great. He’s a true player!”—Dickey Betts

“I love it—it’s great!”—Johnny Winter on the AA/ GK debut, Put A Sock In It

“Great guitar player—Andy has his own distinct sound”—Tommy Shannon, Double Trouble

“Andy plays with a combination of great technique and soul”—Tom Morello

“Andy combines diverse elements to forge his own unique musical voice”—Mike Stern