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  1. Bob Taylor says:

    What’s going on Andy I was watching a YouTube video with Rick Bato , Topic was about , If Jimi Hendrix was a new artist today ,He would not be notist . I think that is b.s. , I still get a rush when I here Jimi’s guitar playing .I could not think anybody else to ask this guestion , I still think Jimi is the best that ever lived 2023 and forever . I think you are a great theacher . And still go through the guitar world dvd’s That you teach . It must have taken a lot of time and effort to figure out all Jimi’s music . Thank god for you Andy .Thank’s
    Please tell me what you thing about Jimi now being no big deal if he was a new guitar player today . Thanks Andy Bob Taylor

    • andyaledort says:

      Hey Bob–
      I like Rick but I think it’s a ridiculous statement, and pointless also because today is not the same as 57 years ago, though that is likely part of Rick’s point. The argument can be made that without Jimi, music would have been completely different and the guitar pyrotechnics os the 70s and 80s would not have happened. So it’s silly–Jimi will forever sound like the most innovative, futuristic guitarist of all time because he is!
      All the best,

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