April 1, 2021

Just shot this solo over the Allman Brothers classic, “Dreams,” and tried to take a different approach, as opposed to playing in a “Duane”-like way. It’s got the kitchen sink in there! Hope you dig it!

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  1. doug says:

    Andy, while listening to your rendition of DREAMS by allman brothers I believed you truly captured the SPIRIT of the song without doing a note for note copy. THANKS for your ongoing efforts to MUSIC

    • andyaledort says:

      Thanks so much Doug, your kind comments are greatly appreciated. Playing “in the spirit” is what playing “music” is all about to me, just as playing a note-for-note version of someone else’s solo is not really “music,” it’s a demonstration of someone else’s musical expression, if you know what I mean. Very glad you dig it!

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